All in all, a damn good read

Wow is the first word that came to mind once I finally got to the last page of this book. Andy Graham has made a startlingly original horror story. I can’t say much without spoiling it, but it’s a spectacle of a read that won’t leave you thinking the infamous “don’t do that you idiot!”. It leaves you genuinely stunned as you read on. Mike made for an interesting and well-rounded protagonist who I could both sympathize with as well as criticize. This balance made him human. In fact, the majority of the characters come off as flawed and relatable. Except for Raph. Jesus, Raph was a chilling addition to the narrative, no less than a monster. Not over the top, either. He came off as the one odd kid you either see on the news from time to time or, worse, may have even known in your own childhood. The way the plot progressed made the events unfold like a cataclysm from the Old Testament, giving this short story a sense of scale I wasn’t expecting from this genre. All in all, a damn good read.

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