The Sixth Gate” is a fun ride in dark fantasy that takes the time to let the world and characters si

First things first, I will start by saying I have not read the short story prequel to this book. That being said, it isn’t really necessary because enough background is provided to avoid confusion. Moreover, I enjoyed K.T. Munson’s writing style so much that really want to read the prequel to what is to be a trilogy. The story starts off with a slew of different characters, cultures, and worlds and at first, they seem unconnected. As the story progresses, you begin to see how they relate to one another until finally the plot points intersect and it gets even better. I thoroughly enjoyed the world building in the book’s entirety, my favorite being the Netherworld of course! Along with a great setting and descriptive language, Munson has some awesome and unforgettable characters. From the awesome Ki, Elisabeth, and Malthael down to the hounds Nathan and Duke, every character is interesting even if they have no dialogue, which says a lot. Everything here felt natural and nowhere near forced, so I found the struggles endearing and there is some thought-provoking content concerning identity between the lines. I think in any book genre, but especially fantasy, the sign the reader had a good time is when they are left thinking about the world even once the book is finished. Well, you got me, because I’m still left wondering all kinds of things. Hell, I was curious about Elisabeth’s research and hope it is explored in the prequel that I must read now. “The Sixth Gate” is a fun ride in dark fantasy that takes the time to let the world and characters sink in, so I definitely recommend it. And before I forget, I LOVE the cover. So much awesome! **SPOILERS** My only real complaint is I wish we had gotten more of the Black King since I feel the readers don’t get to see much of what he can do. Still, enough dread is built up by the lore surrounding him that his arrival is pretty impressive.

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