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One vital thing to know about me is that I am an obsessive reader. I read everything from, political opinion pieces, comics and graphic novels, as well as traditional novels. I thought it would be fun if I used this blog to post reviews and my thoughts on interesting topics as they arise, from movies and books to possibly even world events if I’m in the mood. I will also use this section to post some drawings I did for Reverence years ago.

Drawing was my first love before writing, but my brother was a lot better at it than me, and so I got discouraged when I was young. The problem with that, though, is that my mind is always creating visuals which I feel the need to bring to life. Hence, writing became a hobby of mine and then transformed into quite frankly an addiction. Nine times out of ten if you see me writing things in down class, it’s me scribbling down ideas for a scene or a new title idea. It just can’t be helped.

With all that being said, enjoy the crude artwork and in the future I will try to create better renditions of some of the pieces. Enjoy guys!

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