Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Entries

Ah, the most controversial movie in ages as superhero movies go. Well, since Man of Steel back in 2013. Whereas that film divided the critics 50-50, this film was hit hard with a 41% rating upon release which has currently dipped to 28%. And a lot of people I have talked to about the movie have either:

1.) haven't seen it because of said negative publicity

2.) hated it for several reasons

3.) give it a pleasant rating anywhere from 7/10 to 10/10.

Quite frankly I loved it, one of my favorites of 2016, but I can see why some people may not have liked it. These entries will dissect the film piece by piece. Also, it should be noted that yes I will be referencing the Ultimate Cut. The extended version has been out for a while now and to truly break the film down means talking about the true version. I would do no less when analyzing other films that have theatrical and extended versions (i.e. Gojira, Aliens, Blade Runner).

Stay tuned for weekly updates!

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